War and Border Crossings

War and Border Crossings
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Ethics When Cultures Clash
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Peter A. French
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War and Border Crossings brings together renowned scholars to address some of the most pressing problems in public policy, international affairs, and the intercultural issues of our day. Contributors from widely varying disciplines discuss cross-cultural ethical issues and international topics ranging from American international policy and the invasion and occupation of Iraq to domestic topics such as immigration, the war on drugs, cross-cultural bioethics and ethical issues involving American Indian tribes. The culture clashes discussed in these essays raise serious questions about what principles ought to inform the negotiating of conflicts in order to achieve, or at least approach, outcomes that are fundamentally just, fair, responsible, and ethical.
Chapter 2 Preface
Part 3 I. Pax Americana: The Justification of Preemptive War and the Response to International Terrorism

Chapter 4 September 11: Some Philosophical Reflections

Chapter 5 The Bush National Security Strategy of Preemptive War

Chapter 6 Iraq, the Just War Ethic, and Preemptive War

Chapter 7 Defense or Offense? The Two Streams of Just War Tradition

Chapter 8 Cooperative Security: The Alternative to Pax Americana

Chapter 9 Pax Americana and the Bush Doctrine in the Middle East: An Arab Post-Iraq War Perspective

Chapter 10 Jus Post Bellum

Part 11 II. Cross-Cultural and Cross Generational Interactions: Building Bridges While Guarding Boundaries

Chapter 13 General Issues

Chapter 14 Cross-Cultural Judgments: The Next Steps

Chapter 15 Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Chapter 16 Categories, Conflicts, Conundrums: Reflections on the Religion/Secular Divide

Chapter 17 Duties Beyond Borders: The Expanding Ethical Universe


Chapter 19 Managing Mestizaje: The Ethics of a Cosmopolitan Era

Chapter 20 Politics, Rights, and the Refugee Problem

Chapter 21 Journalism Ethics and Ethnics

Chapter 22 Ethical Dimensions of the War on Drugs

Chapter 23 Bioethics in a Culturally Diverse World


Chapter 25 Ethics and Regulation in American Indian Environments: Embracing Autonomy and the Environmental Citizen

Chapter 26 Reclaiming Our Humanity: Decolonization and the Recovery of Indigenous Knowledge

Chapter 27 Tribal Environmental Policy and the Majority Society's Development Desires

Chapter 28
In the Light of Reverence: When Every Place is Sacred

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