Immunity to Blood Parasites of Animals and Man

Immunity to Blood Parasites of Animals and Man
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Louis Miller
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93, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

Since the turn of the century, certain parasitic diseases of livestock have frus trated efforts to bring them under control by vaccination techniques; East Coast fever and trypanosomiasis are two such diseases. East Coast fever (ECF) kills a half million cattle annually; and 3 million are killed each year by trypanosomia sis, which is widely spread over tropical Mrica. Together, these diseases have closed some 7 million square kilometers of land to livestock grazing-land that might otherwise support an additional 120 million head of cattle. In 1970 W.A. Malmquist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in collabora tion with K.N. Brown, M.P. Cunningham, and other associates at the East African Veterinary Research Organization in Kenya, succeeded in cultivating in vitro the protozoal organisms responsible for East Coast fever. This success, obtained utilizing tissue cultures, encouraged a number of organizations to support research on these parasites in an accelerated effort to develop field vaccines.
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I. Antigenic Variation.- 1. Antigenic Variation in Malaria.- 2. Antigenic Variation in Babesia.- 3. Antigenic Variation in the Salivarian Trypanosomes.- 4. Cellular Immunity and the Parasite.- II. Malaria.- 5. Immunoprophylaxis of Malaria: Sporozoite-Induced Immunity.- 6. Immunization Against Erythrocytic Forms of Malaria Parasites.- 7. A Critique of Merozoite and Sporozoite Vaccines in Malaria.- III. Babesiosis.- 8. Vaccination Against Bovine Babesiosis.- IV. Anaplasmosis.- 9. Methods of Immunoprophylaxis Against Bovine Anaplasmosis with Emphasis on Use of the Attenuated Anaplasma marginale Vaccine.- V. Theileria.- 10. Immunization of Cattle Against Theileria parva.- VI. African Trypanosomiasis.- 11. Immunoprophylaxis Against African Trypanosomiasis.- VII. American Trypanosomiasis.- 12. Immunoprophylaxis Against Chagas' Disease.- 13. Experiments on Immunoprophylaxis Against Chagas' Disease.- Appendix A. List of Conference Participants.- Appendix B. Journal Abbreviations.- Author Index.

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