Quest Biography 35-Book Bundle

Quest Biography 35-Book Bundle
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Marshall McLuhan, Nellie McClung, René Lévesque and many more
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Judith Fitzgerald
53, Quest Biography 35-Book Bundle
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This bundle presents the entire Quest Biography series of thirty-five volumes in a special collection of Canadian lives from all walks of life: politicians, entertainers, athletes, explorers, activists, philosophers, artists, and many more. Learn about Canada's history through extraordinary people and the times they lived in.

This special bundle contains the first thirty-five books in the Quest Biography series, which profiles the lives of Canadians who have had a profound effect on their country and the world. Some of these figures are truly famous, while others were quietly influential. Among the wide variety of people we meet are: prime ministers (Mackenzie King, Macdonald, Laurier, and more); artists (Emily Carr, Tom Thomson); explorers (David Thompson, Samuel de Champlain), politicians (René Lévesque, Joey Smallwood), writers (Robertson Davies, Gabrielle Roy), entertainers (Emma Albani, Mary Pickford), activists (Nellie McClung, Louis Riel, Harriet Tubman), and many, many more. Let this series be your primer on the greatest figures in Canadian history.


  • Emma Albani

  • Emily Carr

  • George Grant

  • Jacques Plante

  • John Diefenbaker

  • John Franklin

  • Phyllis Munday

  • Wilfrid Laurier

  • William Lyon Mackenzie King

  • René Lévesque

  • Samuel de Champlain

  • John Grierson

  • Lucille Teasdale

  • Maurice Duplessis

  • David Thompson

  • Mazo de la Roche

  • Susanna Moodie

  • Gabrielle Roy

  • Louis Riel

  • James Wilson Morrice

  • Vilhjalmur Stefansson

  • Robertson Davies

  • James Douglas

  • William C. Van Horne

  • George Simpson

  • Tom Thomson

  • Simon Girty

  • Mary Pickford

  • Harriet Tubman

  • Laura Secord

  • Joey Smallwood

  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

  • John A. Macdonald

  • Marshall McLuhan

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