Becoming Your Own Champion
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Becoming Your Own Champion

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Duane Martinz
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DOES IT SEEM LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE TIME TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE?Are you waiting for a hero to come and rescue you?Do you feel like the universe is conspiring against you to keep you from doing what will make you happy?Duane Martinz knows those feelings, but over time, he has learned not to let fear and setbacks stand in his way. In 'Becoming Your Own Champion', Duane shares the inspirational tale of how he learned to change his thoughts and the stories he told himself into a tale with him at the center as the champion of his own life. Through his story, you will learn how to declare your own championship season and rescue yourself from monotony and lack of fulfillment.When you embark on this championship season journey with Duane, you will finally discover how to:* Live life to the fullest* Not die with your music still in you* Surround yourself with greatness* Have an attitude of gratitude* Trust yourself* Become an uncommon leader* Do the right thing* Direct your outcomeOvercome your fearsAfter reading this book, you'll join Duane in being a reverse paranoid–someone who believes the universe is conspiring to bring about good in your life. And once you become your own champion, you'll discover that no doors are barred against you. Opportunity is knocking and you just need to open that door to experience life to the fullest, and it all begins with reading this book.