Joshua's Adventures with Captain Kal
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Joshua's Adventures with Captain Kal

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Harley Glazer
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My name is Harley Glazer. I wrote this book when I was in third grade. We were doing a project that you had to write about a picture that you were assigned. I decided to write a story about a pirate. I thought it would be fun to write about a boy that always dreamed about being a pirate and his adventures with a real live pirate, which actually was all just in his dreams. After I wrote it I decided it would make a fun kids book. Captain Kal is named after Kalamazoo, Michigan where the USTA National Tennis Championships are played. I love tennis, and the picture above is me with my first place medal in the city USTA challenger. My Nana helped me with the wording, names, and adding a little to the book to make it sound a little better. My mom drew the pictures. My sister and dad gave me lots of support. I would like to thank all of these people for always believing in me and supporting me. I hope you enjoy this book!