Rainbows over Ruins
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Rainbows over Ruins

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Susan Sherayko
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Throughout this inner travelogue, Susan shares experiences that will help you open your mind and provide tools you can use to live the creative process.
Whatever circumstances or events surround you, you will find this to be a powerful process to move from where you are to where you want to be.

As you read, allow yourself time for focused dreaming. Hold your vision lightly in the back of your mind and imagine your end results. Enjoy your fantasy. This is a process of becoming what does not yet exist in order to create a better reality.

Inside you will learn how to: accept where you are even as you envision an improved future; use your current feelings to experience the essence of what you are creating; become your dream through your conscious choices; and live it on a daily basis. Persist and be amazed by the arrival of new resources and new directions beyond what you have ever imagined. You can flip your thinking, ask the right questions, and create the life of your dreams using the power of your mind. You can choose Rainbows over Ruins.