Divine Dreams
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Divine Dreams

Spiritual Truths Revealed Through Divine Dreams
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Joyce Naren
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A statewide financial crisis prompts immediate action. California does not have the ability to recover. Changes in society are necessary. People gather outside to live in the local parks because they can no longer afford their homes. The prisoners of San Quentin have been ordered by the governor to be released. Homeless people who live in the parks are moving into San Quentin. Survival is the goal.
One of the mothers, Rebecca, organizes teachers and other people to help build an ideal life at the prison. A sanctuary is built on the grounds of the prison for the families who live there. Rebecca invites an eight-year-old boy, Roger, to live at San Quentin with his mother, Judy.

Roger, who has congenital muscular dystrophy, begins to have paranormal experiences. He has divine dreams with important messages to share. One important message involves faith, love, and simple service to other people who are in desperate need. People open their hearts and minds to serve the community of San Quentin thanks to the messages Roger receives through his divine dreams.