Treasures from the Center
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Treasures from the Center

The Ancient Cure for Negative Thinking
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Carolyn S. Davis
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You Found It!The ancient cure that can assist you when negativity affects you. You will feel elevated and happy after reading this book.
Do the following phrases sound familiar?
What was I thinking?
They went off or blew up
I wish I didnt say that or do that
Think before you speak
If you cant say anything good,
dont say anything at all
I am getting a bad vibe, negative energy
That was inappropriate
Look before you leap
He or she is being negative
After your negative words are spoken,
you realize the problem is you
I want to stop thinking about it
Stop, Look, Listen
That was rude or disrespectful
It hurt their feelings
Discover a new perspective for handling these types of situations. Sometimes human interaction requires more humility, thought and care. It is comforting to know the spiritual treasure chest is available to help support and guide us through challenges and opportunities. Consider the ancient cure for negative thinking whether you are within your own personal thoughts, responding to a provocative situation, involved in a live conversation or before using social media. Treasures from the Center explores the contents of the spiritual treasure chest where the ancient cure resides.