Growing up Is Optional
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Growing up Is Optional

Rediscover the Joy of Play
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Gail Moore
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Why is it that no matter how old someone is, they always feel much younger inside? Is there a part of us that never grows up? Have you ever had the urge to play the games you used to when you were a child just for the fun of it? What stops you from releasing your inner child?Growing Up Is Optional seeks to help bring back those childhood memories of games played and fun had in a spontaneous and joyful way. You can rediscover the joy of play and all the benefits this will bring:Learn.Create.Feel challenged.Relax.Calm and focus yourself.Improve your health and fitness.Build and improve relationships.Laugh and have fun.
Play is essential to leading a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, and you can benefit from it! Growing Up Is Optional sets out ideas and prompts for fun games and activities that are either low-cost or free and can be done by anyone, anywhere.
When did it become more important to stay longer at the office, clean the house, or watch TV than to go outside and feel the sun or rain on your face? Growing up is optional and you can choose not togo on, I dare you!