Forever You
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Forever You

Empower Your Life by Reconnecting with Your Spiritual Path
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Marii K. K. Zierhut
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Have you lost your way?Do you wonder who you are and why you are here?
Have you got tangled up in everyday life and lost your connection
to the Spiritual?

Forever You takes you on a reflective journey about life, love, infinity, spirituality, personal growth and faith.

In the face of eternity, we are forever young forever learning, and forever evolving.
The secret of a happy life lies in being grounded on Earth whilst acknowledging ones history as a Soul and ones connection to the Other Side, our true Home.

Empower your life by gaining insight, inspiration, and gratitude for life, regardless of any challenges that may exist at present.

In this practical and accessible book Marii explains how to:

use powerful techniques to reconnect with your inner core
develop and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself and others
release negative thinking that is a residue from bad experiences and disappointments
see the bigger picture
tap into your clairvoyant abilities to heal your life