The Thanks Series Edition 2
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The Thanks Series Edition 2

Four Stories on Coping with Depression
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This is the second edition of the THANKS seriesTherapeutic Healing And Nurturing Kids Stories. The book consists of four stories all dealing with depression in some way. All the stories are designed to help children deal in a variety of ways with the challenges of depression as it may touch their lives. All the stories are written in poetry and are easy to listen to.
Story 1: The Little Princess is about a child coping with depression in a family situation. Many practical solutions are offered throughout the story, andlike all fairy tales goodness prevails at the end.

Story 2: A Koala Called Jody is a story all about helping others and what a good feeling that creates within.

Story 3: The Magic Fig Tree is about finding places around us that make our heart sing or soothe the soul in such a way that we feel good just being present in that particular place.

Story 4: My Brother Goes To Heaven deals with suicide. The story is seen through the eyes of a dingo, and even though this is a very sensitive topic, the messages in the story are very gentle, subtle, and clear. If a child has never gone through this adversity, this would just be a very simple story.