Connect with Colour
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Connect with Colour

Colour Is the Language of the Soul.
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Narelle Green
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Colour can assist you to overcome limitations in your day-to-day life. You can use colour to change and harmonize the subtle energy around you that can be felt but not seen. Colour is a natural healer and a vibrational remedy that can balance and transform conditions in your life, as well as maximise your potential. Colour is coded with information that supports and sustains energy, whatever you need: comfort, strength, guidance, wisdom, healing, prosperity, and loveit is all there and so much more. It is not a mystery or miracle, simply a mindful balance of energy. Connect with Colour gives you tools and shows you how to change your energy and your outcome.Narelle is truly one of life's remarkably gifted people. Her understanding of colour goes beyond mind. Narelle discovered that light was a living energy, alive, carrying intelligent information, and creating life, and she wanted to share this with others when she founded Soul Colour. Narelle says: Colour naturally balances, transforms and energizes matter. When all the colours of the spectrum are in harmony, pristine light or pure energy is formed, and this is the vibration love is carried on. Living colour is real energy. Colour can assist us to go beyond the thinking mind, to transcend duality, and to merge with your own divinity. Narelles knowledge on colour touches the deepest part of your being and can guide you to a deeper awakening within yourself. Rosemary Butterworth, author of How to Move Forward, Leave Your Thoughts Behind