The Human Being the Mind Consciousness Body  and the Emotional Body
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The Human Being the Mind Consciousness Body and the Emotional Body

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J. Chambers
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For an IndividualSELF to experience life, there must be a Mind. All life experiences are a manifestation of this one basic substance from which all things created originated. || Effective application of a Mind is dependent on the method of thinking. Thinking forms beliefs and conclusions as living energies and vibrations within your IndividualSELF and the environment you participate within. || SOURCE definition of the purpose of the HigherSELF Mind is to create UNIVERSAL mental values of quality that have lasting worth aligned with UNIVERSAL TRUTH. || An IndividualSELF must understand the Physical Body is the result of vibration creation, which evolves from mental thoughts and emotion energies. || In presenting the content within the book, my IndividualSELF desire is to provide UNIVERSAL Creation Principles Of Life foundation knowledge from my Human life experiences and guidance from SOURCE. || ||