You Deserve It
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You Deserve It

A True Story of Learning to Say No in Order to Say Yes to Big Love
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Marisa Bellami
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Almost everyone loves a true story because in being able to relate to a person’s personal journey of pain and triumph, we find hope and possibility! In You Deserve It, you will find at least one, if not many personal connections to Marisa Bellami ‘s story that will help you to be open to manifesting a big love in your own life. Marisa opens her heart and soul to you, in order to help you break out of the shackles in your mind that have held you back from having true love. There is so much to glean from You Deserve It. Here are a few of the themes that you will encounter:

• Have you given up on finding your big love, thinking that it has passed you by or that it’s just too much trouble to find? Find out the keys to manifesting it.

• Do you know that there is much you can learn from your failed relationships and that they can be stepping stones to finding a true, lasting love?

• Discover how the messages you received from childhood can affect the outcome of your relationships in life but also how you can change them.

• Are you stuck in thinking that the first stage of love, the infatuation stage, is what love is all about? It’s not.

• Learn about your God-given power of choice for creating a life of love, abundance, and peace!

• Discover where real love is to be found!

• Have you ever felt like you’ve had to be perfect in order to attract the opposite sex? You already are imperfectly perfect.

• Know that if you really, really want a life of love, commitment, and fulfillment, you can have it! It‘s yours, and you deserve it.

• And much, much more.