Once a Cop, Always a Cop
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Once a Cop, Always a Cop

Why Me?
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Lawrence La Rose
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Shattering the glass ceiling in revealing new things, new innovations, and recreating a world globe, calendars, and the most accurate magnetic compass ever.Most people are unaware of whats going on around them, but a few will envision or maybe discern what lies ahead.
Mankind should eliminate all the negatives and replace them with positive things, in order to save humanity from self-destruction.
Mankind has to build a narrow pathway to friendship, love, cooperation around the globe, and cease building obstacles.
Honesty is by choiceit is not something that you can purchase in a bookstore.
Sacrificing most of my adult life to a higher cause has paid off. It was not for gain, lust, money, power, or control. I can attest that serving humanity and by contributing to society has made life most enjoyable and complete. Trusting in God is unshakeable and solid as a rock.
Unbelievers should recognize that animals do not endure excruciating pain in giving birth, only women. So there is a God.
Eliminating spirituality from the schools and replacing the human mind with new technology is creating robots in the generations to come, and it will be controlling the minds of the populace.
Every human spirit from the time of conception grows and continues to develop in journeying through a cathartic period every step of the way until exhaling the last breath.