First Kill All the Lawyers
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First Kill All the Lawyers

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Katie Law Goodwin
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First Kill All the Lawyers is a step-by-step guide to obtaining a divorce without an attorney. Psychotherapist, nutritionist, energy worker, former actress and comedienne, Katie Law Goodwin, takes you through the often painful and difficult process from filing forms all the way through the self-care required to maintain your sanitynutrition, exercise and meditation. Written with poignancy, wit and humor, Goodwin teaches the reader how to fill out forms, write legal pleadings, serve their spouse with papers, where to find forms, and even how to dress for a trialshould a divorce go that far. A must read whether you are going through a divorce or just considering one.
Your guide to:

Manage your own divorce without an attorney

Maintain your sanity along the way

Research, complete and file court forms

And much more!