Soul on the Run
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Soul on the Run

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Robin Korth
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Soul on the Run is the gut-wrenchingly honest portrayal of one womans search for herself, and her refusal to continue playing the game of let's pretend everything is okay. What's more, it reminds us-when we are honest with ourselves-that we can start life over at any age. Korth's words are pithy and raw, sometimes almost brutal, and often just plain funny. There are commonsense insights into living life and a sometimes mystic questing into the hidden avenues of the human heart. To read this book is to journey into your own heart and spirit. The questions and comments of this woman's piercing search for joy and meaning will spark your own. You cannot read this book without becoming a participant in your own soul's journey toward life.
This is not an innocent book. It brooks no whiney nay-saying. You are brought up short by the honesty to yourself that it demands.
--Jean Houston, Ph. D.

"Korth's Soul on the Run is a wise, wonderful and often hilariously witty collection of powerfully inspirational Robinisms. These not-so-little gems offer everyone that gentle nudge that we all need from time to time to help keep us on track as we navigate the slippery slopes of our own personal and spiritual journeys. Keep a copy in your purse or back pocket at all times in case of emotional emergency!
--Maureen OBrien, Journalist and Editor

" . . . Korths book consists of the wisdom and musings that randomly occurred to her once she allowed herself to think freely. Brimming with courage and bravery, Korth questions the status quo and challenges her reader to do the same. Her observations are bold, motivating and authentic.

An original work that will amuse, inspire and motivate readers."
--Kirkus Reviews