I Know You’re in There
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I Know You’re in There

A Memoir of Loss, Healing, Farming, and Adventure
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Grace Hernandez
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Growing up Catholic in a conservative Midwestern town, Grace makes a dramatic lifestyle shift by moving to Los Angeles, where she meets the man who will become her husband, and begins to study with a Master Teacher and various mind-body practitioners. Mourning the deaths of her beloved siblings and struggling with health challenges, Grace discovers that farming the land and tending livestock animals are key elements for personal restoration and renewal. How she and her husband leave the West Coast to manage Polyface at Buxton Farm, a 1,000-acre satellite farm to Joel Salatin's family farm in rural Virginia, is a fascinating, multifaceted adventure. In this lively and honest memoir, Grace describes her—at times harrowing, but always life-affirming—journey that reflects her courageous intention to never give up, Grace finds empowerment by cultivating the many gifts that living close to the land and nature can provide.