Sensory Integration Plus
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Sensory Integration Plus

A Family’S Story of Love and Learning
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Wendy Vanns job as a counselor could not prepare her for raising two sons with special needs.
Mykel did not like to be held, would not sleep at night, cried often, and couldnt be comforted. He also had projectile vomiting, allergies to milk, asthma, and never slowed down.

Jesse was even more active than his brother, and his list of problems included frantic feeding, tremors, difficulty nursing, and constant ear infections.

In this book, Vann shares how she came to view her childrens problems as assets. She also explores how she struggled with decisions over medicating her children versus using more natural methods.

Throughout, she focuses on sensory integration, or processing, which is how we use information through our senses to connect with what we have already learned about the world around us. Children with special needs often process this information much different than others.

Whether you have a loved one with Autism, Sensory Processing, Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia or some other problem, youll be inspired by Vanns journeyand walk away with practical information to improve behavior and enhance success with Sensory Integration Plus.