Be Sure to Pick up the Pearls
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Be Sure to Pick up the Pearls

Reflections on Life
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David Harris
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Be Sure to Pick Up the Pearls: Reflections on Life strings together fifty brief and polished observationscall them pearls or reflectionsthat encapsulate the wisdom that David Harris, a pharmacist, practicing psychotherapist, and energy healer, has garnered from eight and one-half decades of life. He writes that he has gained some wisdom, but expects that life always has more to teach.
In its reflective essays, Be Sure to Pick Up the Pearls rests its shared wisdom on a basic insight that one gains wisdom from experience and that every experience contains a lesson worth learning. Some of the chapters titles, such as The Fitted Sheet and The Hot Stove and Red Flags, hint at bits of wisdom arising from lifes mundane elements. Other titles, like Listening and To Be There for Another, point to the lessons that emerge from relationships. In other chapters, including Ten Choices You Can Make to Reduce Stress and Manifesting Ones Dream, self-reflection becomes the classroom in which one gains wisdom.

Recognizing that everyone who is still living retains the opportunity to gain wisdom, Be Sure to Pick Up the Pearls: Reflections on Life stands ready to pass on to the reader knowledge the author has gained and now offers to others. If you have discovered that life reminds you that the learning never ends, then Pick Up the Pearls will offer you insights to add to the string of pearls you are fashioning from the lessons life teaches you with each passing day.