Heaven Abounds in You
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Heaven Abounds in You

The Journey to Joy
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Balin A. Durr
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We're all on our own path, but many of us encounter the same road blocks, challenges, and suffering. Dr. Durr poetically describes how disconnection from our spirits and the divine causes us to struggle. When you reconnect, there is no struggle. You just flow!
Explore life's big questions:
Who am I?
What's my purpose?
Who is the divine?
Who are we in relationship to God, the Divine Universal Source?

Learn to
Live free from fear, worry, and stagnation;
Pull yourself forward by having a vision;
Be the hero, and slay your own dragons;
Make yourself the "masterpiece" of your life; and
Delight in the magic of the universe!

Yourself as the radiant, luminous being you were always intended to be;
Life's beauty, majesty, and love through your connection with the divine;
An abundant universe as you powerfully create relationships, health, balance, and limitless opportunities; and
Happiness, joy, and peace in every moment.

Heaven Abounds in You enlightens, uplifts, inspires, and invites you to live a life that's engaged, joyous, and limitlessthe sweet spot of life! Come join her on the journey.