Gifts from Guidance
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Gifts from Guidance

A Book of Prayers and Affirmations Offering Comfort, Encouragement, and Possibility as We Create Our Daily Lives
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Georgia Kay Christy
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Gifts from Guidance is an anthology of prayers and affirmations written over a ten year period. It was written using an intuitive writing process that invokes communication with the author’s spirit guides and guardian angels. Each prayer unfolds a devotional vision of a life guided by love, compassion, and wisdom. This anthology’s ability to articulate the longing of the soul to live an inspired and happy life is profound. The prayers are gifts from a unique inner-guidance system, and are offered with the wish that they will bring comfort, encouragement, and inspiration toward the world of possibilities life has to offer. They are meant to be healing, and can be life preservers of peace and hope at times of distress, uncertainty, and fear.
Here is a simple tool for syncing our hearts and minds with a higher level of consciousness. These amazing prayers are universal in their message of love that bridges religion and spirituality with our common human need for peace and ease.
This book is deceptively simple. Yet it is a book of transformation. Powerful, profound, and beautifully crafted; each prayer offers guidance to a state of grace.