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Shifting into the Reality of Love
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Nancy Whitton
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As I was walking down the road of life, if an obstacle appeared I would sometimes run right into it and wonder or question how life could be so cruel as to place a boulder in my path. I would loudly complain about the obstacle or pray to God to remove it. I dealt with life from the outside in. I wanted things to change on the outside so I could feel good on the inside. Ive come to understand that fear, anger, worry, regret, and hatred were feelings in me, and to change whats alive in me, I must go within. This is where my journey into wholeness began. I have learned some skillful ways to navigate around what I perceive as obstacles. Mostly I have learned to change the story that life is a series of obstacles. Instead of seeing life from a negative perspective filled with barriers to my peace and happiness, I choose to view life from a new perspective that allows me to see and know that life is lovingly supporting me every step of my way. What a joy it is to be in step with life!