Eighteen Lessons from Wayne
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Eighteen Lessons from Wayne

Reflections on the Teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer
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Ann Marie Ganness
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One day you wake up and you realize that the sun is shining. You feel the wind blowing on your face almost like it was the first time. Then nighttime comes and the stars in the sky seem breathtakingly beautiful. All of nature is beckoning to you. There is one universal message: We were here before you came into this body. We are here now, and we will be here for eternity.It is this awareness which inspires Ann Marie Ganness as she continues along her journey of spiritual realization and self-reliance. How does one keep going and not lose faith? A major influence in Ann Maries life has been best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer. Eighteen Lessons from Wayne contains some of her most profound insights linked to the teachings and philosophies of the man known as the father of motivation.