Firefighting from Within

Firefighting from Within
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How to Master the Tools of Life Even During Tough Times
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Dave Pamah
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Sooner or later, all of us will face challenging times in our lives where we must fight fires fueled by disappointment, hurt, and frustration. But as we all know, our obstacles do not magically disappear on their own. We must put forth the effort to successfully master adversity and realize happiness.
In their motivational guidebook, Dave Pamah and Heide Hargreaves show others how to utilize specific tools that will encourage positive change, self-improvement, and move forward into a more fulfilling life. Within anecdotes that touch a variety of subjects including bullying, personal limitations, and discrimination, Pamah and Hargreaves recall experiences and lessons learned related to their own personal obstacleswhile sharing inspirational advice that will help anyone overcome challenges and come out on the other side a better person. Through their guidance, others will learn how to remove limitations, embrace conflict, live in the moment, manage self-limiting beliefs, focus on the purpose, and stop listening to negative thoughts.

Firefighting from Within provides time-tested wisdom, tips, and techniques for overcoming lifes greatest obstacles and creating a positive and joyful future.

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