Instructional Coaches and the Instructional Leadership Team
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Instructional Coaches and the Instructional Leadership Team

A Guide for School-Building Improvement
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Dean T. Spaulding
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This unique companion provides an inside look at the daily work of an instructional coach and offers activities, materials, and data collection forms.

Supercharge school improvement with instructional coaches!

For instructional coaches, no two days are ever the same. This unique companion melds theory and practice to show how coaches can seamlessly integrate themselves into the fabric of the school and help teachers improve their practice from day one. Dean Spaulding and Gail Smith address common challenges of coaches and instructional leadership teams, including:

  • Observing classrooms and providing formative feedback

  • Reaching out to the hesitant or resistant teacher

  • Adapting data and analysis into usable information for the team

  • Recruiting, training, and supporting new instructional coaches

Journal entries based on the real-life experiences give an inside look at the day-to-day work of an instructional coach and the power of coaching to improve teacher effectiveness. The book also includes field-tested activities, materials, and forms for collecting data, navigating busy days, and organizing information.

Instructional Coaches and the Instructional Leadership Team is ideal for those wanting to learn best practices to engage educators and support teacher evaluation reform.

"This book would have made my life SO much easier. I highly recommend it to new and experienced instructional coaches alike!"
—Kathy Ferrell, Instructional Coach
Excelsior Springs Middle School, MO

"This is a wonderful resource. Even schools without instructional coaches will benefit from the strategies and suggestions included. It′s an excellent book even for those who shy away from data analysis!"
—Ann Dargon, Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Westport Community Schools, MA



About the Authors

1. I′m So Glad You′re Here! The First Day as an Instructional Coach

What Is an Instructional Coach (IC)?

The Instructional Coach - The Early Explorer

Step One: Establish an Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

Step Two: Establish a Job Description for the IC

Step Three: Establish the Role and Responsibilities for the IC

Step Four: Develop an Action Plan for the IC


2. The Instructional Coach and the Instructional Leadership Team: A Unique Approach

The Priorities of a School Leader

Priority Two and Strong Instructional Leadership (SIL)

The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

An Equal and Shared Voice

Basic Steps for the ILT


3. Refocus and Start Again! The Instructional Leadership Team Supporting the Instructional Coach

How the IC Carries Out the ILT′s Plan

Selection and Implementation of a New Curriculum

IC Providing Professional Development (PD) and Technical Assistance

Feedback for the ILT

Professional Development for the IC

Using Data to Support the ILT and IC

The "Why Is That?" Analysis Technique

Ways the Principal Can Support the IC

How to Work With the Principal

Dos and Don′ts for the Principal/IC Meeting


4. The Day-to-Day Work of the Instructional Coach

Getting Started

Basic Ways to Work With Teachers

Working With Teachers in Their Classrooms


5. An Idea for the Day: Strategies and Ideas to Encourage Engagement Between Teachers and the ILT


6. Assessing Individual and Group Strengths: Strategies for Working With the Resistant Teacher

Who Is the Resistant Teacher?

The IC and Private Investigator

Search and Rescue: Thirteen Strategies for Mining for Gold


7. Changing Teacher Practices Through Classroom Field-Testing - The ILT′s Role

Classroom Field-Testing: A Possible Open Door?

Professional Development Activity

How The Instructional Leadership Team Can Support Action Research

Presenting Classroom Field-Testing Projects


8. The ILT′s Role in Changing Teacher Practices Buildingwide

Professional Development and Changing Teacher Practices

The Role of the IC in Changing Teacher Practices: A Buildingwide Effort

Steps in Establishing a Large-Scale Evidence-Based Framework

The Power of Evidence-Based Classroom Studies


9. A New Coach in Town! The ILT′s Role in Training New Instructional Coaches

What Has Happened Here?

What Should Everyone Do?

The Game Plan: Get Started Right Away!

Player/Coach: Mentor Coaching 101

What′s in It for Me? Benefits of the New Mentor Coach Role

Advice From The Field: Tips From Current Instructional Coaches

Everyone Wins: Coaching the Coach Sharpens Everyone′s Game

10. Toolbox for the Instructional Coach: Examples of Surveys, Protocols, and Tools

Parent Survey

Teacher Survey

Workshop Training Teacher Survey

Professional Development Planning Sheet

IC Planning Sheet #1

IC Planning Sheet #2

IC Planning Sheet #3

IC Planning Sheet #4

IC Planning Sheet #5

IC Planning Sheet #6

Needs Assessment Survey

Promising Practices Building Survey