The New Teacher Toolbox

The New Teacher Toolbox
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Proven Tips and Strategies for a Great First Year
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Scott M. Mandel
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This revised edition is a one-stop resource for all your first-year teaching needs.

Praise for the first edition:

"Mandel has written a very practical, informative manual for new teachers. His examples for classroom standards, incorporating a variety of activities for diverse students, and teaching test-taking skills are right on target. For answers to fundamental questions and stress relief, Mandel′s manual is a must!"
—Johanna K. Lemlech, Professor Emerita
University of Southern California

"An extremely practical and user-friendly time-saver. Rather than beating around the bush with pages of statistics, philosophies, best practices, and methodologies, this toolbox cuts to the heart of real questions burning inside new teachers. New and experienced teachers can benefit from the quick fixes presented in this plentiful toolbox."
—Leslie Gaillard, First-Year Teacher
Pacoima Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

A one-stop resource for all your first-year teaching needs!

This second edition is a concise yet complete guide for novice teachers, covering all the essentials for getting off to a good start. With new tips for everything from establishing an ideal classroom environment to making it through teacher evaluations, this revised edition helps you plan ahead with confidence, keep your perspective, and prepare for the unexpected.

The author introduces techniques by grade level, making the book easy to read sequentially or as a reference for specific situations. Written in a conversational tone, this completely revised edition includes an expanded section on Internet use and provides field-tested strategies on how to:

  • Encourage student participation and critical thinking

  • Establish fair grading practices

  • Modify instructional methods and curriculum for students with special needs

  • Increase parent involvement

  • Manage stress and maintain sanity


About the Author

Introduction: What New Teachers Really Want to Know

Part I. The Room Environment and the First Weeks

1. Things to Do Before the School Year Begins

2. Arranging Your Classroom

3. Bulletin Boards

4. A Helpful Binder to Leave for Substitute Teachers

Part II. The Curriculum and the Students

5. Fairness and Critical Thinking in Classroom Discussions

6. Teaching Five Hours of Material in Only Three Hours

7. Keeping Students Interested

8. Teaching Test-Taking Skills

9. The Internet as the Ultimate Teacher Resource Center

10. Discipline Issues

Part III. Grading

11. Marking Papers and Promoting Self-Esteem

12. A Beginner′s Guide to Figuring Grades

13. Rubrics

14. Grading for Classroom Participation

15. A Student Self-Esteem Check

Part IV. Parents

16. Parent Involvement

17. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Part V. Students Who Have Special Needs

18. Modifying the Classroom Curriculum for Students With Special Needs

19. Full-Inclusion Mainstreaming

20. Students With ADD/ADHD and Classroom Management

21. Preparing for a Special Education Class

Part VI. How to Maintain Your Sanity

22. Making It Through Your Teacher Evaluation

23. Ten Ways to Avoid Stress

24. Putting It All Into Perspective

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