Literacy Beyond Picture Books

Literacy Beyond Picture Books
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Teaching Secondary Students With Moderate to Severe Disabilities
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Dorothy D. Smith
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Featuring sample lessons, information on finding age-appropriate materials, and more, this guide helps teachers create thematic units that build literacy skills in students with significant disabilities.

"I was rejuvenated by the opportunities for exciting and meaningful instruction. My creative thoughts ran rampant with how I could use these ideas with my novice teachers as well as within my classroom."
—Jayne Englert-Burns, Consulting Teacher, Special Education
Montgomery County Public Schools, Germantown, MD

"The authors have done a nice job of describing how to make teaching student-centered by focusing on individual student interests and learning styles and by making classroom instruction exciting and fun."
—Dennis H. Reid, Director
Carolina Behavior Analysis and Support Center

Engage students′ interest and build foundational literacy skills!

Teaching literacy to middle school and high school students with significant disabilities can prove challenging when available reading materials often don′t match students′ reading levels and interests. This accessible, step-by-step guide shows teachers how to match students with appropriate texts and develop inventive themed units that encourage literacy learning.

Teachers can build whole units around a selected text and create hands-on activities that engage multiple senses. This valuable resource includes sample activities and lesson plans, ideas for adapting general education materials, and essential information on how to:

  • Build vocabulary and use retelling and guided reading

  • Teach functional skills on a daily basis

  • Incorporate media and assistive technology

  • Coordinate with general education teachers and involve parents

  • Assess students′ learning and meet IEP goals

Perfect for special education and inclusive classrooms, this resource features everything teachers need to motivate students with disabilities and help them develop literacy skills!

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Foreword by Karena Cooper-Duffy


About the Authors

Introduction: A Quest for Change

1. Research and Program Overview

2. Establishing a Foundation for Planning

3. Building a Theme

4. Setting the Stage

5. Providing Access Through Assistive Technology

6. Instructional Delivery

7. Home Involvement

8. Assessment

9. Collaboration With General Education and Inclusion

10. Functional Skills

Appendix I: Lesson Plans for Black Stallion

Appendix II: Lesson Plans for Island of the Blue Dolphin

Appendix III: Lesson Plans for Stone Fox

Appendix IV: Lesson Plans for The Secret Garden

Appendix V: Lesson Plans for Where the Lilies Bloom

Appendix VI: Lesson Plans for the Wizard of Oz




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