Everything But Teaching

Everything But Teaching
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Planning, Paperwork, and Processing
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Stephen J. Valentine
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Provides indispensable tips for time management; grading practices with clear feedback; productive meetings with students, parents, or colleagues; effective recordkeeping, streamlined procedures, and much more.

"I wish I′d had this book forty years ago when I first started teaching. Everything But Teaching, with its moving anecdotes, pragmatic examples, and incisive observations, is the teacher′s version of the Boy Scout Handbook—the ideal guide for teaching purposely without getting lost or sidetracked. It is perfect for new teacher orientation and veteran teachers."
—Patrick F. Bassett, President
National Association of Independent Schools

"Stephen Valentine knows teaching through and through. Here he packs a huge message into a short space. I urge anyone who cares about schools, students, learning, or teaching to read this gem of a book."
—Edward Hallowell, Consultant
The Hallowell Center

Learn the 7 Imperatives for managing the "other" work of a teacher!!

Every teacher knows that what happens before and after class is as important as what happens during class. This accessible resource gives all teachers indispensable tips for managing professional priorities outside the classroom and saving energy for the most essential part of their work: teaching students.

Real-life vignettes, planning sheets, and other templates, illustrate how to master the multitasking demands of the teaching life, including:

  • Planning time wisely

  • Tailoring grading practices to provide clear feedback

  • Holding productive meetings with students, parents, or colleagues

  • Keeping and using records effectively

  • Corresponding with grace, tact, and detail

  • Processing information and refining procedures

  • Embracing new professional learning opportunities

Foreword by Pearl Rock Kane



About the Author

Introduction: School Time Versus Classroom Time

1. Imperative 1: Plan Your Time Wisely

Your Calendar

Your Dynamic Calendar

Your Goals and How to Accomplish Them

Now You Can Relax

2. Imperative 2: Tailor Your Grading to Suit the Needs of Your Students

Three Cautionary Tales

A Few Final Words

3. Imperative 3: Hold Great Meetings Founded on Authentic Commitment

Why Meet?

Student Meetings (Part 1)

The Systematic Approach

Student Meetings (Part 2)

Parent Meetings

Meetings Led by Others

Distractions During Meetings

4. Imperative 4: Use Records to Generate Learning Opportunities

The Evergreen System

How to Store and Use Records

When to Purge Records

Record Keeping and Deliberate Choice

5. Imperative 5: Correspond With Grace, Tact, and Detail

The First Principle of Teacher Correspondence: Be Supportive and Graceful

The Second Principle of Teacher Correspondence: Get Specific

Correspond With Colleagues

When to Stop Writing

6. Imperative 6: Process or Perish

What Is Processing?

When and How to Process?

7. Imperative 7: Become a Radical Learner

Learning From Mentors and Collaboration

Learning at Retreats

Learning From Meetings Outside of the School

Learning From New School Responsibilities

Learning by Leading Groups and School Activities

Learning From New Experiences

8. Conclusion: Enjoy Your Balanced Professional Life



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