The Power of Teacher Networks

The Power of Teacher Networks
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Ellen Meyers
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Develop a teacher network or grow an existing one to support new teachers, reduce teacher isolation, increase retention rates, enhance professional practice, and nurture teacher leaders.

"The Teachers Network, one of the most effective professional development organizations in education, has much to teach us. Ellen Meyers and her colleagues explain how supporting, connecting, and investing in teachers provides the best hope for our nation′s public schools. Their invaluable work, distilled to its essence in these pages, creates opportunities for teachers to work collaboratively with colleagues, to learn from one another about how to teach better, and through that professional growth to remain committed to education. The authors show us how to do it."
—Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education
Stanford University

"The Power of Teacher Networks provides a ringing clarion call for teacher collaboration and for grounding educational policy in the real world of the classroom and the school. Part how-to manual for building teacher networks and part chronicle of the authors′ successful work, this book sets forth a vision for the transformation of our nation′s schools through the development of teacher voices."
—Randi Weingarten, President
American Federation of Teachers

"Essential for anyone interested in the future of public education in America. Embedded in the notion that teachers are the solution, not the problem, this book explores how teachers can create a vision, find a voice, manage a growing network, and make a difference. Surely there is nothing more important as we grapple with how best to move forward."
—Bill Cirone, Superintendent
Santa Barbara County Education Office, CA

"When teachers network, they become a social force for the good of society and each child in their classrooms. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about teaching and teacher development."
—Mary M. Brabeck, Dean and Professor of Applied Psychology
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University

Foster high-quality teaching and leadership through teacher networks!

When connected through inter-school networks, teachers can communicate with each other and share invaluable information and ideas across district and state boundaries, ultimately enhancing both their own effectiveness and student learning. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create, manage, and sustain a teacher network or grow an existing one, and provides an easily adaptable model developed by The Teachers Network.

The book includes teacher vignettes and director and advisors′ experiences in managing a network, plus a wealth of worksheets, tools, and resources to get you started. Practical guidelines illustrate how networks can:

  • Support new teachers, reduce teacher isolation, and increase retention rates

  • Share the benefits of collaborative group work, including action research

  • Enhance professional practice and nurture teacher leaders

  • Connect teachers to the goals and ideals that drew them into education

Teachers working together can not only make a significant impact on their school communities, but also strengthen the influence that teacher leaders can have in the wider arena of educational policy.

Foreword by Stephanie Hirsh



About the Authors


1. The Case for Networks

What Joining TNLI Did for Our Work

Why Form a Network?

Concluding Thoughts

2. Creating a Vision

Naming the Problem

Envisioning the Future

Speaking With One Voice

What You Can Do--The Future Is Now

3. Finding a Voice

The Journey Begins

Seeing Teachers as the Solution, Not the Problem

Charting the Course

Managing a Network

4. Raising Your Voice

The Journey Continues

Managing a Growing Network

5. Making a Difference

A Menu of Activities

Why Teachers Like to Do Action Research

Feedback: How Do You Know You Are Making a Difference?

6. Where Do We Go From Here?

A Need for Change

The Future of Teaching


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