Thinking and Acting Like a Cognitive School Counselor

Thinking and Acting Like a Cognitive School Counselor
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Richard D. Parsons
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Thinking and Acting Like a Cognitive Counselor provides counsellors with a practical guide for learning to think and then act like an expert counsellor.

"The author successfully leads the school counselor through this approach in a manner that makes it easy for the reader to use the model effectively with students."
—Diane Smith, School Counselor
Smethport Area School District, PA

Help students change negative thinking by employing a cognitive model!

How people think affects how they behave. Because of this fundamental connection, cognitive therapy can produce rapid and effective treatment results. In this concise how-to guide, Richard D. Parsons presents theory, analysis, and practical suggestions to support a cognitive counseling framework and shows school counselors how to use that framework when working with students.

This book offers clear strategies for helping new and experienced counselors understand how thoughts connect to feelings and how to discern functional from dysfunctional thinking. To assist readers in developing their skills as cognitive school counselors, the author provides:

  • A reflective, meaning-making model as a basis for effective school counseling

  • An introduction to the fundamental principles of cognitive counseling

  • Clinical illustrations of intervention strategies targeting dysfunctional cognition

  • In-depth, verbatim case studies and guided practice exercises

Like Parsons′ companion books on behavioral, solutions-focused, and eclectic counseling, Thinking and Acting Like a Cognitive School Counselor shows how new and even experienced counselors can put different therapies to practical use and move confidently from "knowing" to "doing."



About the Author

Introduction to Book Series

Part I. Using a Cognitive Orientation to Guide Reflection

1. The School Counselor as Reflective Practitioner

2. The Fundamental Principles of Cognitive Therapy

Part II. Targets and Techniques of Cognitive Counseling

3. Helping the Student Understand and Embrace the Thought-Feeling Connection

4. Identifying Cognitive Distortions

5. Reformulating Dysfunctional Thoughts

Part III. From the Eyes of the Cognitive-Oriented Expert

6. School Counselors Reflecting In and On Practice

7. Practice in Procedural Thinking



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