Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral School Counselor

Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral School Counselor
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Richard D. Parsons
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This resource provides counsellors with a practical guide to learning to think and then act like an expert counsellor.

"This is the go-to training manual for those who received minimal behavioral exposure in their counseling program."
—Katy Olweiler, Counselor
Lakeside School, Seattle, WA

"After reading this book, I found myself thinking more behaviorally with my interactions with students. I plan to refer back to this book for ideas for fine-tuning some of what I do."
—Cynthia Knowles, Prevention Specialist
Livonia Central School District, NY

How counselors can improve intervention outcomes by employing a behavioral model!

With a focus on observing and analyzing student actions, behavioral counseling has proven to be effective in treating a wide range of student problems.

Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral School Counselor explains the core constructs of behavioral counseling and provides extensive illustrative material to help new and experienced school counselors translate theory into practice. Emphasizing skill development, Richard D. Parsons offers clear guidance to processing student data, developing case conceptualizations, and implementing treatment plans. This concise text includes:

  • A reflective, meaning-making model as a basis for effective school counseling

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of behavioral analysis

  • Clinical illustrations of intervention strategies targeting behavior modification

  • In-depth case studies and guided practice exercises

Like the companion books on cognitive, eclectic, and solution-focused counseling, this exceptional resource transcends basic theory to help school counselors not only think like an expert, but act like one as well.



About the Author

Introduction to Book Series

Part I. Using Behavioral Orientation to Guide Reflection

1. The School Counselor as Reflective Practitioner

2. The Fundamentals of a Behavioral Orientation

Part II. Interventions Targeting the Increase, Decrease, and Substitution of Behavior

3. Strategies Targeting the Development of Behavior

4. Strategies Targeting the Reduction and/or Elimination of Behavior

5. Counterconditioning

Part III. From the Eyes of the Behavioral-Oriented Expert

6. School Counselors Reflecting In and On Practice

7. Practice in Procedural Thinking



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