Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching
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A Lifeline for Teachers in a Multicultural Setting
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Denise M. Gudwin
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Filled with reproducible resources and real-life vignettes, this unique book focuses on coaching new teachers in culturally and linguistically diverse school settings, but can be used in any setting.

"These two remarkable educators not only document the development of their own relationship from mentor/mentee to professional colleagues, they also draw from their own experiences, research studies, and the real voices of countless new teachers to provide an excellent, hands-on guide for perfecting the mentoring role in multicultural settings. Kudos!"
—Lisa Delpit, Eminent Scholar, Executive Director
Center for Urban Education and Innovation

Help new teachers thrive in culturally and linguistically diverse school settings!

The challenges of teaching in a culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) school, including language barriers, special needs, and teacher isolation, can be especially overwhelming for early-career teachers. This unique book on mentoring and coaching new teachers is specifically designed for multicultural school settings, although educators in all settings can benefit.

The authors draw from their own experience implementing a highly successful mentoring program for new teachers in a large, urban school district. The book offers practical examples anchored in the current theoretical and research base for the professional development of novice teachers in urban as well as non-urban areas. Filled with vignettes that directly capture the real-life experiences of new teachers and their mentors, this volume:

  • Illustrates how to develop effective teacher-to-teacher mentoring relationships

  • Raises readers′ awareness of issues that might arise from CLD differences and facilitates more effective communication

  • Offers reproducible resources, agendas, and other sample materials for a variety of contexts

This timely and practical book helps mentors give new teachers the support they need to survive and succeed in diverse school settings.

List of Tables and Figures

Foreword, by Joan T. Wynne



About the Authors

1. Teacher-to-Teacher: Making a Difference

Teachers Making a Difference

Enhanced Personal Growth


From the Voice of Magda

From the Voice of Denise

2. The Voice of the Struggling Teacher

Typical Stages of Teacher Development



Managing Tips

3. Teacher Leaders and Their Roles as Mentors

Teachers as Leaders


The Role of the Mentor

What Do the Voices of New Teachers Say About Mentors and Their Roles

What We Now Know

4. Characteristics of Effective Coaching

Components of Effective Coaching

Designs for Effective Peer Coaching

The Art of Coaching

Coaching and Intergenerational and Cultural-Linguistic Differences

5. Communication

Intercultural Communication

Nonverbal Communication

Listening in Intercultural Settings

Intergenerational Differences in Communication

Written Communication

Intercultural Communication and the Standards of the Profession

Appendix 5.1: Project GATE Newsletter

6. Mentoring in a Large Multicultural Urban District: Induction Programs and a Case Study

What Does the Research Say About Retention of Beginning Teachers?

What an Induction Program Should Look Like

A Case Study

Appendix 6.1: Beginning Teacher Questionnaire

Appendix 6.2: Interview Question Guide

Appendix 6.3: Project GATE (Getting Assistance for Teaching Effectively) 2006?2007 School Year

Appendix 6.4: Sample Special Education Mentor Teacher Application

Appendix 6.5: Sample Special Education New- and Early-Career Teacher Application

Appendix 6.6: Project GATE 2006?2007 Yearly Calendar At-a-Glance

7. Professional Development Through Learning Opportunities

Professional Development

Professional Development That Embraces Diversity

Facilitating Adult Learning Opportunities Effectively

Study Groups

Instructional Data Discussions

Professional Learning Communities


Personal and Professional Growth

8. Lessons Learned

What We Have Learned

What Are the Lessons Learned, and, Just as Important, From Whom Did We Learn Them?

From the Voices of Two Teachers

What Are the Connecting Threads Woven Into the Experiences of Successful Mentoring Relationships and Successful New Teachers?

Glossary of Terms



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