Diary: Reference to Go
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Diary: Reference to Go

About Teens by Teens
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Judi Shils
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Being a teen is not simple. There are a wide range of issues demanding their attention and examination, from discrimination to drugs, sexuality, friendship and stress. The Diary Project website (diaryproject.com), started in 1995, was created to give young people a safe place to discuss issues anonymously. From the privacy of their computers, they could share thoughts, dreams, fears and advice—and, most importantly, find that they're not alone. Today there are tens of thousands of diary entries on the site. Some are funny, some poignant, some profound. All are vividly real.

Diary: Reference to Go collects a sampling of these writings. Each page includes one entry and three thought-provoking questions about its topic. Diary: Reference to Go is a powerful tool to get teens, parents and teachers talking.