Experiencing the Goodness of God
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Experiencing the Goodness of God

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Virginia A. Romer
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Do you have personal goals in mind and see your present situation as a hindrance to achieving them? Are you struggling with finances, relationships and forgiveness? Faith and trust in God may be the answer to your concerns. At the completion of high school, it was my dream to attend college. Having no money, I realized that I had to do something to make my dream a reality. In this book, I share how I made a start toward achieving my first dream by getting a job and then watching numerous doors open. Learn from my personal experiences the goodness of God and how He saved me from death and opened doors, enabling a single mother to obtain a college education and provide for her son.
It is my hope that the readers, particularly adolescents, will find this book useful in dealing with life's problems and issues, and realize the importance of perseverance while allowing God to work things out in their lives. As for adults, I hope they will be strengthened in their determination, focus, fortitude, understanding and forgiveness, and learn to lean on God to help them through the hard times.
Virginia Romer, PhD