The Road of Transition
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The Road of Transition

The Pathway to Successful Living
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Thaddeus M. Williams Sr.
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Life is a cycle of transitions that many fear and dread. If one is not equipped to handle what's ahead the potential to live a stagnated life is inevitable. This is why The Road of Transition was written; to assist the reader in preparing for life's cycle of events, good and bad. The goal is twofold: encourage believers to build their faith by studying the Word of God as well as give the reader a glimpse into what God has in store for them if they are willing and obedient to His Word. The insight contained on the pages of this book will destroy the chains of fear that are the foundation for the stress, anxiety and depression that many believers struggle with when they arrive at the crossroads of change. The Road of Transition will teach the reader How to Make the Transition for Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.