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Atlas of the Patellofemoral Joint

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Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso
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This detailed visual guide presents the reader with a wealth of images that act as a crucial aid when faced with surgery of the knee and particularly that of the patella. It explains and portrays the full palette of currently available surgical techniques.
​ A picture is worth a thousand words, and the goal of this atlas is to better understand patellofemoral conditions through pictures. Hence the reason we have decided to publish this book,  which is a collection of the finest images of patellofemoral joint surgery, ​supplied by world renowned specialists in Knee surgery.  All the images, footnotes and summaries are compiled in order to convey a simple understanding of this complex problem. This is a very practical book, aimed at the general orthopedic surgeon and also those that specialize in surgery of the knee. The book is divided into four sections, the first section focuses on the etiopathogenic bases, the second section focuses on emerging technologies, the third section includes difficult clinical cases studied, and the fourth section provides a description of the most important surgical techniques for the knee extensor mechanism.
​Foreword.-Preface.-SECTION I: ETIOPATHOGENIC BASES AND THERAPEUTIC IMPLICATIONS.- Background.- Patellofemoral malaligment vs Tissue homeostasis.- Myths and truths about patellofemoral disease. Pathogenesis of anterior knee pain and patellar instability.- What have we learned from realignment surgery?.- Biological causes of  anterior knee pain.- In search of the etiology of anterior knee pain.- Biomechanics of the patellofemoral joint.- Implications in the genesis of pain and instability.- Anatomy of patellar dislocation.- Evaluation of the patient with anterior knee pain and patellar instability.- Influence of psycological factors on pain and dissability in patellofemoral pain syndrome.- Uncommon causes of anterior knee  pain.- Risk factors and prevention of anterior knee pain.- Conservative treatment of athletes with anterior knee pain: science, classical and new ideas.- Conservative management of anterior knee pain: the McConnell program.- Squeletal malalignment and anterior knee pain. Rationale, diagnosis and management.- Patellar tendinopathy: Where does the pain come from?.- Pathophysiology of patellofemoral arthritis.- Prevention of anterior knee pain after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.-Donor-site morbidity after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using autografts.- SECTION II: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR INVESTIGATING PATELLOFEMORAL JOINT.- Computacional modeling for investigating patellofemoral joint.- Clinical relevance.-Kinetic and kinematic analysis in evaluating patellofemoral disorders.- SECTION III: CLINICAL CASES COMMENTED.- Complicated cases studies.- Failure of patellofemoral surgery.- Analysis of clinical cases.- Neuromatous knee pain: Evaluation and management.- Posterior knee pain referred from the patellofemoral joint.- SECTION IV: SURGICAL TECHNIQUES.- Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament.- Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament.- Reconstruction of the lateral patellofemoral ligament.- Reconstruction of the lateral patellofemoral ligament.- Rotational osteotomy.- Trochleoplasty.- Osteotomies in patella baja / patella alta.- Arthroscopic patellar release for the treatment of patellar tendinopathy.- Anteromedial tibial tubercle osteotomy (Fulkerson osteotomy).- Autologous chondrocyte implantation.-Patellofemoral arthroplasty: Pearls and pitfalls.- EPILOGUE​.