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Atlas of Trichoscopy

Dermoscopy in Hair and Scalp Disease
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Lidia Rudnicka
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Here is a detailed, comprehensive presentation of current knowledge about hair and scalp dermoscopy. It offers essential information for differential diagnosis in patients with hair loss, hair diseases and scalp disorders.
The aim of this atlas is to provide detailed and comprehensive, easy-to-use information, sufficient to perform trichoscopy in clinical practice. From basics to advanced knowledge, everything in one book. In this sense it is rather an “illustrated textbook” than solely an atlas. It includes evidence based information, acknowledged algorithms, which help easy diagnosis and “take home messages”, which aid memorizing specific features of diverse diseases. The atlas consists of two major parts. In the first part the authors describe structures and patterns seen in trichoscopy. The second part consists of detailed description of characteristic trichoscopy features of diverse diseases of hair and scalp. Consecutive chapters illustrate genetic hair disorders, acquired hair loss and scalp diseases.
Preface.- Introduction.- Trichoscopic Structures and Patterns.- Normal Values in Trichoscopy.- Tips, Tricks, and Artifacts.- Genetic Hair Shaft Disorders.- Ectodermal Dysplasia and Other Genetic Syndromes Associated with Hair Loss.- Acquired Nonscarring Alopecia.- Primary Cicatricial Alopecia.- Hair Transplantation.- Infections and Inflammatory Scalp Diseases.- Trichoscopy in Children.- Precancerous Scalp Lesions and Scalp Tumors.- Trichoscopy in Asian Patients.- Trichoscopy in Patients with Dark Skin Phototypes.- Algorithms in Trichoscopy.- Monitoring Therapy with Trichoscopy.- Trichoscopy Report.- Lymphoproliferative Disorders.- Trichoscopy in General Medicine.