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MGH Cardiology Board Review

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Hanna K. Gaggin
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Each section in this concise review of cardiology can be completed in 30 minutes, giving the reader a complete overview in 30 days. This book is from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cardiology Division, one of the most respected programs in the world.

MGH Cardiology Board Review is intended for physicians studying for the Cardiology Board Examination (Initial Certification or Re-certification) and for any busy practitioners who would like to review high-yield cardiology such as those in cardiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, family practice, or even surgery. Designed for those on the go, each section is meant to be completed in 30 minutes; and at 30 minutes a day, the reader will have a complete overview of up-to-date information in 30 days. Each section has a concise didactic followed by a questions section with an identical format to the Cardiovascular Board Examination of the American Board of Internal Medicine.This book is from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cardiology Division, one of the most respected cardiology programs in the world and is its first Cardiology review book.
History and Physical Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach.- Electrocardiography.- Exercise Stress Testing and Nuclear Cardiology.- Echocardiography.- Cardiac Noninvasive Imaging: Chest Radiography, Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance & Computed Tomography of the Heart.- Cardiac Catheterization, Coronary Arteriography and Intravascular Imaging.- Diagnosis and Management of Acute Heart Failure.- Chronic and End-Stage Heart Failure.- Supraventricular Arrhythmias.- Ventricular Arrhythmias.- Bradycardia.- Syncope.- Acute Coronary Syndrome.- Chronic Coronary Artery Disease.- Peripheral Arterial Disease & Diseases of the Aorta.- Congenital Heart Disease.- Valvular Heart Disease.- Infective Endocarditis.- Dilated, Restrictive, Infiltrative and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathies.- Myocarditis.- Pericardial Disease.- Cardiovascular Abnormalities in HIV-Infected Individuals & Toxins and the Heart.- Primary Tumors of the Heart.- Pulmonary Hypertension.- Cardiovascular Disease in Women & Pregnancy and Heart Disease.- Medical Consultation.- Systemic Hypertension.- Lipoprotein Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease.- Diabetes Mellitus, the Metabolic Syndrome, and Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease.- Rheumatic Diseases and the Cardiovascular System.- Neurological Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease.