Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb
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Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb

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K. Mohan Iyer
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241x160x15 mm

This book has been written by established Orthopedic Surgeons who have become dedicated specialists within their particular subspecialty. They have contributed by writing highly detailed chapters that educate the reader with the basic science, accepted fundamentals and most recent trends within the full range of orthopedic management of upper and lower limb orthopedic disorders.It is intended that this well illustrated and highly informative text book to provide orthopedic surgeons in training with comprehensive and relevant core knowledge on all aspects of orthopedics of the upper and lower limb, and will become an essential guide for surgeons in training, providing step by step approaches to performing initial diagnosis, surgical procedures and post operative management.
Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb has been written to serve as a general introduction to the field of orthopedics and trauma for the regions of the upper and lower limb. It is composed of a number of commonly seen disorders and with a corresponding therapeutic pathway, clearly explained with numerous x-rays and diagrams to aid the reader in their understanding of these useful procedures.
The book is intended as a basic resource for trainees and junior surgeons, but will also be useful to more experienced specialists who require an easy to follow clinical guide to assist in day to day practice of orthopedic and trauma disorders of the upper and lower limb.
Step-by-step format to help the reader rapidly follow and assimilate the material.
1. The Shoulder joint 2. The Arm 3. The Elbow Joint. 4. The Forearm 5. The Wrist Joint 6. The Hand and Fingers 7. The Thumb 8. Hand Infections 9. The Hip Joint 10. The Knee Joint 11. The Leg 12. The Foot and Ankle Joint 13. The Great Toe