Butler, S: AQA (B) GCSE Religious Studies Revision Guide: Un

Butler, S: AQA (B) GCSE Religious Studies Revision Guide: Un
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Sheila Butler is a principal examiner and experienced teacher. Until recently she was Head of Religious Studies at Durham High School for Girls. She is currently teaching part-time at Durham School.
Subtitled, "Religion & Morality". Covers the essential subject content, with short tests and exam-style questions, with case studies for all the key topics.
GCSE Revision Guides cover the essential subject content and provide short tests and examination-style questions. This combination of concise notes and practice creates the ideal revision resource.
Topic 1 Religious attitudes to matters of life Topic 2 Religious attitudes to the elderly and death Topic 3 Religious attitudes to drug abuse Topic 4 Religious attitudes to crime and punishment Topic 5 Religious attitudes to rich and poor in British society Topic 6 Religious attitudes to world poverty

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