The Library Staff Development Handbook
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The Library Staff Development Handbook

How to Maximize Your Library’s Most Important Resource
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Mary Grace Flaherty
Medical Library Association Books Series
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Using examples, tips, suggestions for resources, samples, and anecdotes from a wide variety of library practitioners and settings, The Library Staff Development Handbook shows how to create an environment that nurtures individuals while encouraging staff opportunities in order to generate optimal institutional performance.
The Library Staff Development Handbook: How to Maximize Your Library’s Most Important Resource provides practical tips, suggestions for resources, and concrete examples for addressing the multiple and varied aspects of staff development. From crafting a job description to recruitment, hiring and retention, and from progressive discipline and succession planning to continuing education, performance appraisals, and the importance of workplace fun, this handbook can serve as a companion for managers, supervisors and library staff as they negotiate the challenging range of staffing issues and the opportunities they provide in the library setting.
Chapter 1 Essential Background
Chapter 2 Staffing and Organizational Planning
Chapter 3 Attracting the Best and Brightest
Chapter 4 Staff Engagement: Creating Opportunities
Chapter 5 Staff Development
Chapter 6 Staff Evaluation
Chapter 7 Additional Funding Sources for Staffing Activities
Chapter 8 Wrapping Up