So You Want to Sing Light Opera
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So You Want to Sing Light Opera

A Guide for Performers
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Linda Lister
10, So You Want to Sing
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So You Want to Sing Light Opera is a concise handbook for singers, teachers, and performers who want to learn more about the magnificent genre of light opera. This resource provides information on the history of light opera and offers advice on auditions, style, performances, and skills, including dissections of select operas and their characters.
So You Want to Sing Light Opera is a concise handbook for performers, teachers, and directors who want to learn more about the delightful genre of light opera, including Viennese operetta, English comic opera, French opéra bouffe, and Spanish zarzuela. Award-winning opera director and singer Linda Lister brings clarity to this often misunderstood and overlooked category of music with detailed information on how to prepare and perform roles with stylistic and musical sensitivity and to deliver spoken dialogue and choreography with confidence.

Lister focuses on the attributes of a light opera performer, light opera singing style, historical references, audition advice, directing insights, extensive repertoire recommendations Singing professionals, teachers, students, conductors, stage directors, coaches, and choreographers will find this book to be an ideal resource for the style.

The So You Want to Sing series
is produced in partnership with the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Like all books in the series, So You Want to Sing Light Opera features online supplemental material on the NATS website. Please visit to access style-specific exercises, audio and video files, and additional resources.
Chapter 1 – Defining Light Opera,
Matthew Hoch

Chapter 2 – Singing Light Opera
Chapter 3 – Acting and Dialogue
Chapter 4 – Dance and Movement
Chapter 5 – Stylistic Considerations
Chapter 6 – Auditioning for Light Opera
Chapter 7 – Directing Light Opera
Chapter 8 – Zarzuela,

Christopher Webber

Chapter 9 – Singing and Voice Science,

Scott McCoy

Chapter 10 – Vocal Health for the Light Opera Singer,

Wendy LeBorgne

Appendix A – Light Opera Repertoire Lists
Appendix B – “Top 10” and “Top 40” Lists of Light Opera
Appendix C – Audition Aria Lists by Voice Types
Appendix D – Selected Discography and Bibliography
Appendix E – Where to Sing (and See) Light Opera