Biotechnology and International Security
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Biotechnology and International Security

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David Malet
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This book contextualizes the militarization of biotechnology by examining its strategic uses throughout history, how genetic engineering has changed the nature of bioweapons, and its impact on warfare and security.
Research and development in the emerging fields of biotechnology, including human enhancement and direct-effect genetic weapons, may very well change the nature of war and international politics. This biotech revolution in military affairs will offer great advantages to the United States and other technologically advanced states, but raises many new questions about just war and bioethics.

Biotechnology and International Security contextualizes the militarization of biotechnology by examining its strategic uses, the nature of bioweapons, and the overall impact on warfare and security. The book looks at the many emerging military applications of biotechnology and provides a nontechnical assessment of how a wide range of technologies are influencing war fighting, international balance of power, and homeland security. It offers a thorough introduction to bioweapons and biosecurity challenges, along with the resulting ethical and policy dilemmas.
Acknowledgments Preface: More than an Academic Interest

Introduction: Biotechnology beyond Germ Warfare

Chapter 1: A History of Biotechnology in Warfare

Chapter 2: Securitizing Genetic Engineering

Chapter 3: Twenty-first Century Military Biotechnology

Chapter 4: Homeland Security, Human Security

Chapter 5: Just Warfare and Bioethics

Conclusion: The Modern Prometheus at War