Phil Spector
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Phil Spector

Sound of the Sixties
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Sean MacLeod
Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture
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MacLeod explores Phil Spector’s rise and fall as a musician, songwriter, and producer whose musical ability and visionary foresight radically influenced popular music and culture of the 20th century. Spector’s legendary wall of sound became a hallmark of 1960’s pop music and contributed to the success of bands like the Beach Boys and the Beatles.
Phil Spector is a musician, songwriter and producer whose musical ability and visionary foresight as a producer charted the future of popular music and culture of the late 20th century. He revolutionized recording processes and re-shaped the business and marketing approach of the music industry. While he raised the bar for other musicians and producers to follow and gave a voice to groups struggling to achieve equality during the 60s, Spector was, however, a complex character whose need for control brought much damage and confusion into the lives of those around him as well as into his own career and life.

Phil Spector: Sound of the Sixties follows the ups and downs of Spector’s career as an entrepreneur and businessman, technical wizard and musical visionary, record label master and collaborator with the biggest bands of the age. Spector left an indelible mark on American pop music, creating an iconic soundtrack that still attracts new listeners today.
Introduction: Between Elvis and the Beatles

Chapter 1: To Know Him Is to Love Him: Early Life and Formative Years

Chapter 2: There’s No Other: Entrepreneur and Business Man

Chapter 3: Tomorrow’s Sound Today: Technical Wizard and Musical Visionary

Chapter 4: Pocket Symphonies for the Kids: Teenagers

Chapter 5: He’s A Rebel: Feminism and Civil Rights

Chapter 6: He Hit Me: Control and Power

Chapter 7: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling: Collective Consciousness Versus Ego Consciousness

Chapter 8: He’s Sure the Boy I Love: Mentor and Protégés

Chapter 9: Get Back: Master and Servant

Chapter 10: End of a Century: Decline and Fall

Conclusion: The Genius that the Geniuses Go To