Prescribing Health

Prescribing Health
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Transcendental Meditation in Contemporary Medical Care
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David F. O’Connell
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This book provides health care professionals and others with an understanding of over three decades of research on Transcendental Meditation and the treatment of chronic medical and psychiatric disorders as well as the use of Transcendental Meditation in effective health programs with a wide range of disorders and patient populations.

Prescribing Health: Transcendental Meditation in Contemporary Medical Care includes important contributions from leading experts on Transcendental Meditation and health, and provides the reader with the most important, cutting edge health research on the effects of Transcendental Meditation (TM) on serious mental health problems and medical disorders. It features practical, proven programs to improve health outcomes, decrease morbidity/mortality, and reduce health care costs with a wide range of patient populations. The authors explore advances in neuroscience and the brain changes associated with not only the impact of TM on health recovery, but also the effects of meditation in daily activity and permanent changes in neuropsychological functioning resulting from the purification of consciousness through meditation. Included is coverage of an ancient yet newly introduced approach to therapy, Vedic Psychotherapy, and methods for integrating Transcendental Meditation and other Vedic health approaches into primary medical care.
Foreword:- Norman Rosenthal, M.D.

Preface: David F. OConnell, Ph.D.

Deborah L. Bevvino, CRNP, Ph.D.

The Editors

The Contributors


Section I-Theory

Chapter I-The Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM): What, How, and Why

Robert W. Boyer, Ph.D.

Chapter II-How Meditation Heals: The Brain and Higher States of Consciousness

Fred Travis, Ph.D.

Chapter III- Stress, Illness and Transcendental Meditation: A Triad Worth Exploring

Deborah L. Bevvino, CRNP, Ph.D.

Section II-Research

Medical Disorders

Chapter IV-Transcendental Meditation and Cardiovascular Health

Vernon A. Barnes, Ph.D.

Chapter V-Transcendental Meditation, Diabetes and Other Disorders

David Lovell-Smith, Ph.D., M.B., CH.B., FRNCGP

Mental Health Disorders

Chapter VI-Transcendental Meditation Research on Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders

Sarnia Grosswald, Ed.D.

David F. O’Connell, Ph.D.

James Krag, M.D.

Chapter VII-Transcendental Meditation in the Treatment of Depression

James S. Brooks, M.D.

Chapter VIII-The Use of Transcendental Meditation in Promoting Recovery and Preventing Relapse for Addictive Diseases

David F. O’Connell, Ph.D.

Alarik Arenander, Ph.D.

Chapter IX- The TM Program and the Treatment of Childhood Disorders

William R. Stixrud, Ph.D.

Sarnia Grosswald, Ed.D.

Section III-Applications

Chapter X- The TM Technique as a Preventative Approach for Improving Health-care Outcomes

Maxwell V. Rainforth, Ph.D.

Robert E. Herron, Ph.D.

Chapter XI- Addressing Societal Problems Through the Transcendental Meditation Program: Aging, Prison Rehabilitation, and Collective Health

David W. Orme-Johnson, Ph.D.

David F. O’Connell, Ph.D.



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