Theft of a Nation

Theft of a Nation
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Wall Street Looting and Federal Regulatory Colluding
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Gregg Barak
Issues in Crime and Justice
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Theft of a Nation is a powerful criminological examination of Wall Street’s recent financial meltdown. Through the lenses of white collar crime and victimology, the book presents a critical assessment of the economic and political elites who were responsible, shows how Americans were victimized, and assesses the resulting regulation.
Theft of a Nation presents a powerful criminological examination of Wall Street’s recent financial meltdown and its profound impact on the rest of the country. This provocative book asks why, if the actions of key players on Wall Street and in the government resulted in an economic downturn that harmed millions of Americans and destroyed capital worldwide, no one was held criminally liable for these actions.

Author Gregg Barak provides a basic history of financial regulation and deregulation, as well as a primer on both securities fraud and mass victimization. Using key concepts in victimology and white collar crime, he explores the diverse ways civil and criminal law enforcement responded to the damaging behavior on Wall Street. The book also assesses Wall Street Financial Reform and the Consumer Protection Act of 2010, showing the ways that Americans may still be at risk.

Theft of a Nation is the first comprehensive criminological investigation of the role of Wall Street and the government in the recent financial crisis, asking critical questions about who has been victimized and why.
Chapter 1. Law, Power, and Wealth: On the Rhetoric and Reality of Fighting Financial Abuse
Chapter 2. Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme and Wall Street’s Financial Meltdown: A Primer on Investment Fraud and Victimization
Chapter 3. Unenlightened Self Interest, Unregulated Financial Markets, and Unfettered Victimization: From the Savings and Loan Bailouts to Too Big to Fail
Chapter 4. Theories of White Collar Illegalities and the Crimes of the Powerful: A Reciprocal Approach to the Political Economy of Wall Street Looting and Federal Regulatory Colluding
Chapter 5. Financial Looting, Victimization, and Legal Intervention: On Criminal Prosecution and Civil Law Enforcement
Chapter 6. Consuming Victims and Victimless Identities: On the Social Construction of Victimization and the Re-emergence of Public Victims
Chapter 7. The Wall Street Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010: A Synopsis of Dodd-Frank and the Re-regulation of Financial Abuse

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