Corn Meets Maize

Corn Meets Maize
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Food Movements and Markets in Mexico
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Lauren E. Baker
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Corn Meets Maize links the everyday practices of growing, cooking, and exchanging food in specific cultural, economic, and ecological contexts to broader social movements in Mexico and beyond. The local food networks Lauren E. Baker explores in Mexico are rich examples of contemporary agricultural and culinary transformations; they also reveal the impacts of neoliberal economic policies and new agricultural biotechnologies. Drawing on concrete examples of projects and people working to transform global food systems, she provides important insight into the complexities of food politics from field to fork.
This compelling book explores the intimate connections between people and plants, agriculture and cooking, and the practical work of building local food networks and transnational social movements. Lauren E. Baker uses corn and maize to consider central debates about food security and food sovereignty, biodiversity and biotechnology, culture and nature, as well as globalization and local responses, in Mexico and beyond. For the author, corn symbolizes the commoditization of agriculture and the cultural, spiritual, ecological and economic separation of people from growing, cooking, and sharing food. Conversely, maize represents emerging food movements that address contemporary health, environmental, and economic imperatives while rooted in agricultural and culinary traditions. The meeting of corn and maize reveals the challenge of, and possibilities for, reclaiming food from its commodity status in the global context of financial turmoil, food crises, and climate change.
Chapter 1: Why Food? Why Maize and Corn?
Chapter 2: Milpas, Markets and Movements
Chapter 3: Nuestro Maíz
Chapter 4: Itanoní Tortillería
Chapter 5: The Michoacán Centre for Agribusiness
Chapter 6: Biocultural Agrifood Relations

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