They Were Still Born
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They Were Still Born

Personal Stories about Stillbirth
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Janel C. Atlas
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The stories in this book are not easily told, but for the many thousands of families each year who endure the silent tragedy of a stillbirth, they offer a welcome voice of solidarity and guidance. Janel Atlas, familiar with the pain of losing a child, has selected here the firsthand accounts of not only mothers, but also fathers, and grandparents, all of whom have reached out to offer readers the comfort of knowing they are not alone on this painful path. Through these stories, the writers found validation of their babies' lives and have now shared the same gift with others, inspiring readers to write their own as well as showing them how to do so.
Stillbirth, defined as the death of an infant between 20 weeks' gestation and birth, is a tragedy repeated thirty thousand times every year in the United States. That means more than eighty mothers a day feel their babies slip silently from their bodies, the only sound in the delivery room their own sobs. Eighty stillborn babies a day means heartbroken families mourn the death of children who will never breathe, gurgle, learn to walk, or go to school.

In 2006, Janel Atlas became one of those mothers who left the hospital with empty arms; her second daughter, Beatrice Dianne, was stillborn at 36 weeks. Reaching out for comfort, she realized a dire need shared by so many others like her, and so was born a collection of new essays by writers each sharing their firsthand experiences with stillbirth. Atlas includes selections not only from mothers but also fathers and grandparents, all of whom have intimate stories to share with readers. In addition, there are selections that answer many of the medical questions families have in the wake of a stillbirth and that offer the latest research on this devastating loss and how it might be prevented. Grieving parents will find in these pages the comfort of knowing they are not alone on this painful path, validation of their babies' lives, and guidance from those who have suffered this tragedy. In addition,
They Were Still Born both inspires and shows readers how to honor and remember their own babies and stories of loss.

No parent- or grandparent-to-be sets out planning to purchase
They Were Still Born. Unfortunately, there will always be readers-devastated, grieving, and searching for voices to help them through-who
1 Forward
2 Introduction

3 One: What No One Tells You

4 Two: Blindsided

5 Three: Two Children, One Living

6 Four: The Traumatic Contradiction

7 Five: Living With (and Without) Caleb

8 Six: He Changed Our World

9 Seven: Mothering Grief

10 Eight: In a Wild Place

11 Nine: Born, Again

12 Ten: Just One Family

13 Eleven: Then Comes the Baby in the Baby Carriage

14 Twelve: A Plan Gone Awry

15 Thirteen: Saying "Grace": Family and Friend's Responses to My Daughter's Stillbirth

16 Fourteen: Our Christmas Angel

17 Fifteen: She Was Significant

18 Sixteen: How Death Can Bring Life: A Caregiver's Perspective

19 Seventeen: Invincible No More: What My Daughter's Stillbirth Taught Me About Life

20 Eighteen: Reunion Group

21 Nineteen: Standing in the Shadow of Grief

22 Twenty: Grief and Creativity

23 Twenty-one: The Year of Angels

The Way Forward

25 Twenty-two: Honoring and Remembering

26 Twenty-three: Creative Expressions of Grief

27 Twenty-four: What We Know About Stillbirth

28 Twenty-five: Emerging Research

29 Twenty-six:Making a Difference: Resources