Energy Explained
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Energy Explained

Conventional Energy and Alternative
 2-Volume Set
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2-Volume Set
Vikram Janardhan
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2-Volume Set
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Energy Explained presents a comprehensive overview of energy issues from the science, economics and public policy of electricity, oil and natural gas to the latest developments in renewable energy. Readers will learn how energy is produced, how it is bought and sold in global markets, and how it is used in modern society. Volume One concentrates on conventional energy sources, those that predominantly fuel the world we live in today, while Volume Two looks at alternative energy and how those sources work and may come to provide energy for the masses in the future.
Energy is truly the world's most vital commodity. It makes modern societies possible, and the decisions made regarding it have far-reaching repercussions. Every day stories about the price of oil, the resurgence of nuclear power, or the latest clean energy alternative can be found in mainstream news outlets across the country. Yet despite its high profile, energy remains largely misunderstood. People are confused, intimidated and generally discouraged from learning about energy, partly because the topic is so large and opaque, but also because the resources that do exist fail to provide an overall picture the average reader can understand. Here, in easily accessible language accompanied by simple illustrations of difficult concepts, the authors lay out the basics of energy in a palatable and refreshing way. Readers are treated to a vivid presentation of the basics of energy science, alongside the politics, economics, and social issues that impact its harnessing, distribution, and use. Anyone interested in how energy truly works will find answers in these pages that shed light on the past, present, and future of world energy.
1 Volume I: Conventional Energy
2 Preface - A call for Energy Literacy

3 Part 1: The World of Energy

4 Chapter 1: Why is this Topic so Important Now?

5 Chapter 2: A Brief History of Energy

6 Part 2: Oil, Oil Everywhere: The World of Oil

7 Chapter 3: Black Gold: A Brief History of Oil

8 Chapter 4: The Science and Technology of Oil

9 Chapter 5: Refining and Distribution

10 Chapter 6: How do Gasoline Prices Work?

11 Chapter 7: Peak Oil: How Much Do We Have Left?

12 Chapter 8: OPEC and the Role of the Oil Cartel

13 Chapter 9: Oil and the Environment

14 Chapter 10: The Future of Oil

15 Part 3: Fuel From Fossils

16 Chapter 11: King Coal

17 Chapter 12: Natural Gas

18 Chapter 13: Global Warming

19 Part 4: Power Up! The Incredible World of Electricity

20 Chapter 14: What is Electricity?

21 Chapter 15: Power Generation

22 Chapter 16: Transmission and Distribution

23 Chapter 17: Our Electric System

24 Part 5: Energy Policy

25 Chapter 18: Energy Policy at Home and Abroad

26 Chapter 19: Energy Market Regulation

27 Chapter 20: Deregulation

28 Volume II: Alternative Energy

29 Part 1: Renewable Energy

30 Chapter 1: Wind Energy

31 Chapter 2: Solar Energy

32 Chapter 3: Tidal Energy

33 Chapter 4: Biomass Energy

34 Chapter 5: Geothermal Energy

35 Chapter 6: Bottle That Electron! (Energy Storage)

36 Part 2: Energy and Transportation

37 Chapter 7: Land, Sea and Air - Energy in Transportation

38 Chapter 8: Fuels From Fossils (Revisited)

39 Chapter 9: Biodiesel

40 Chapter 10: Ethanol

41 Chapter 11: Hybrids, Plug-ins and Electric Vehicles

42 Chapter 12: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

43 Chapter 13: The Road Ahead

44 Part 3: Energy Security

45 Chapter 14: Security, Reliability, Diversity and Independence

46 Chapter 15: Our Aging Power Grid

47 Chapter 16: Nuclear Energy

48 Chapter 17: The Geopolitics of Oil

49 Part 4: Energy Efficiency

50 Chapter 18: Reducing Energy Wastage

51 Chapter 19: Energy Efficiency Begins at Home

52 Chapter 20: Green Living

53 Chapter 21: Energy Efficiency on a Broader Scale

54 Part 5: A New Energy Economy

55 Chapter 22: Clean Tech Investments

56 Chapter 23: Energy, Economy, Jobs and Education

57 Chapter 24: The Coming Energy Revolution

58 Epilogue